Author: HR Manager


The well-known saying “as you start the year, so you finish it” makes sense. Especially in our case. We haven’t yet used to the sleep discipline and constant feeding of our intellect, as WizardsDev sets new highs…

8Kfor30Days challenge

This summer we were surprised not only at rains and showers, but also with new challenges for our wizards. At the beginning of June, the 8Kfor30Days challenge started. Aren’t you concerned that you spend a lot of time sitting and do not have any physical activity? And we watch our employees and are concerned about their health. So we decided to encourage them to be more active and energetic. Which we managed to do pretty well. Let us tell how)

The goal of the challenge was to walk at least 8,000 steps every day. Anyone who fails to follow the rules during the week is disqualified. Almost 100 WizardsDev employees from different cities and countries took part in this challenge. It turned out that for some participants 8,000 steps were just an easy start and they did 20–30K a day! It was so inspiring for others that our challenge almost became a competition. Why not the Olympics, really?

However, despite the competition and the desire to be the first by the number of steps, all our wizards turned out to be noble and friendly. Those who for certain reasons were unable to cover the distance set received “immunity” from their colleagues, which gave them the right to remain in the challenge. Thus, almost all the members of our teams reached the finals.

Run, WizardsDev, Run!

The sleep discipline marathon and the 8Kfor30Days challenge are over, but our adventures continue. Now the WizardsDev team is preparing for a grand and outstanding running marathon, which will take place this fall.

Some of the participants have already taken part in similar events. However, there are those who will run a marathon for the first time. But we know that we will do it with such a tremendous support — Oleksandr Babaryka. Master of Sports in Athletics, a marathon participant at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and the winner of the Wizzair marathon in Kyiv, Oleksandr trains and accompanies our corporate team at all times. We have no chance to be defeated, we are bound to win!

Tension grows with each training. The excitement is high, but we will overcome this obstacle and reach the goal together!

To be continued…