WizardsDev – Hogwarts for Charities from Development

WizardsDev – Hogwarts for Charities from Development

Some come to IT after receiving core education, some decide to change his or her professional life after seeing and trying enough, and some, being totally inexperienced, but having a great thirst for information technology, plunge in the world of software development and code writing.

In our company, we understand how important it is to do what you like, not what is needed or what is fashionable, or what your parents want. That's why WizardsDev actively cooperates with the international IT college DevEducation, which enables us from time to time to add new wizards to our ranks: testers, developers, and project managers.

Now only the lazy do not offer taking programming courses and getting a certificate. But can every education course guarantee employment? No way. But DevEducation can. We understand the importance of real experience after graduation, not the certificate alone. That's why we do everything for boys and girls who want to try their hand at development to have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Our company is responsible for each student at the college, as experienced wizards from WizardsDev take part in lectures, hackathons and other events. During the learning process, our specialists create situations that are as similar as possible to real ones, so that all students get the necessary experience for their further work. And then we take them into our family…

Despite the quarantine restrictions, in 2020–2021, WizardsDev provided jobs to more than 200 DevEducation graduates! Classes did not stop for a moment. They became even more accessible, as now they can be delivered online. So it is clear that the number of students is growing every month. And since the IT sphere is also gaining momentum, the demand for developers will only increase.

And so will our company of wizards.)

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