IT as a lifestyle. Quality backend development of your site: possible

IT as a lifestyle. Quality backend development of your site: possible

And not only possible but absolutely necessary. At least in WizardsDev, the testers are fiercely clicking and clicking, looking under a microscope to see where and which of our developers made a mess... In short, the backend development is responsible for how the web service interacts with the user. The information is taken from the database, which stores everything important about the users of the service. It (the database) is created during registration. Yup, the login and password and its proper use are also backend.

The main task of backstreet (oops, that is backend, although the meaning is similar) is to ensure the correct work of the site with the server to help users easily log into an account, leave a comment, upload photos or videos, and do whatever else they may want to do. To perform the functions described above, the necessary programs must be installed on the server. Such a procedure is one of the main responsibilities of a backend developer.

No less important aspect is also to ensure fast and efficient technical support for users. Of course, the speed of the company employees is also important, but the main task of the technical part is to ensure that the request from the client is received as quickly as possible. In order to succeed in such tasks, it is necessary to have experience in programming using one of these languages:

  • python;
  • php;
  • ruby;
  • go.

The main purpose of the tools listed above is server development.

In addition to this, the technical configuration of a site also uses mathematics and computer science knowledge. The main projects of a backend developer: websites, web platforms, online games. The tasks they solve include:

  • site structure planning;
  • development of the main core of the project;
  • creation of the central functions of the platforms developed;
  • analysis of the structure of the code written;
  • software development that utilizes user functionality and information protection of data;
  • monitoring the quality of the web server (the main one and the testing one);
  • keeping up to date with all versions of programs, sites, and databases.

So don't believe those smart guys who think that backend development is much easier than frontend. All the more so because there can be serious problems on the backend when, for example, the development language does not match the server language. That is the real challenge! And it takes at least a year of constant practice to learn how to provide perfect client-server interaction.

WizardsDev has been dealing with these kinds of issues for many years, and we will not let your resource experience similar issues. Any user appreciates quick feedback and a complete absence of system errors. That is why special attention is paid to the company's mail. Often sites have the problem of a customer not being able to send a message. This is due to the fact that the mailbox is not serviced or is full. WizardsDev will not allow such a silly mistake on your web resource. Thanks to the coordinated professional work of the backend developers, your customers will be satisfied with the service and will steadily bring money to your business.

And if you decide to learn coding and want to become a server-side developer, the company is happy to invite you to their DevEducation International IT College, where you will learn the basics of development, programming languages (starting with C#) in four months, gain teamwork skills and experience working on real projects. WizardsDev is interested in recruiting trained professionals for their company, so every student who enrolls in college is given an 85% tuition grant, and at the end of the course, everyone is offered an interview for open positions with the company. WizardsDev: IT as a lifestyle!

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