IT as a lifestyle. How to do frontend development

IT as a lifestyle. How to do frontend development

To put it very simply, any internet site consists of its appearance and the insides. More specifically, of its appearance and business logic.

The first is called UI (user interface), and the second is business logic. HTML is used to display site text, pictures, additional documents, music. It stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.” And this tool is not responsible for the design and graphics of the site, but only for what will be on the site, for the content structured in the form of blocks of information. CSS is a style sheet that controls the looks of all these blocks; that is, it is responsible for the styling of the HTML document.

To bring the site to life, to add the dynamics of changing data, JavaScript is used. JavaScript also enables business logic implementation. It makes it possible to track user actions based on predetermined algorithms to process the data. In simple words, the user can adjust a site design, choosing the color of the “header” to their liking, or fill in the data in the registration form, etc. The features chosen by the visitor are displayed only on their device and are transmitted to the server for processing and storage. This has no effect on the work of the site but allows adapting it to your esthetical preferences or transferring data for further work.

WizardsDev has been developing websites and web applications for over a decade and has a portfolio of over two thousand websites and applications. But it's not about quantity, of course. On the one hand, creating websites 10 years ago was much more difficult because there were no modern tools for it.

However, technical progress in this industry is not a figure of speech but a real and daily challenge for all professionals. Think back to computers 10 years ago and look at today's devices. And what happened with the evolution of mobile gadgets can only be called a revolution. Therefore, frontend specialists pay special attention to the separate development of the mobile version of websites. Using the latest frontend development tools — and, just as importantly, methods of working on the project, such as Agile — to improve the quality of developed sites and to increase the speed of development is a necessity. Ultimately, this will make your site stand out and get ahead of the competition, which will significantly increase the sales of business products and services.

In order for customers to take your business seriously, it's important that every detail of the site is designed beautifully and well, regardless of the device's screen resolution. It's just appearance and technical work.

You can, of course, try to learn frontend development on your own, since there are a lot of free and useful resources available online. However, you will spend an incredible amount of time on this, as it is quite difficult to create a site from scratch without preparation. There is a solution. You can either learn (as, for example, in DevEducation International IT College, which is a partner of WizardsDev and operates in different countries, including several cities in Ukraine) or contact a developer company, where the staff of professional programmers is ready to create a truly high-quality internet portal on short notice.

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