Saint Nicolas Day

Saint Nicolas Day

Saint Nicholas did not forget about the children of our employees. On December 19, at WizardsDev, parents received New Year’s surprise gifts from the company. No child was left unattended!

We also arranged an exchange of gifts – we played “Secret Santa”, and after presenting our gifts, we watched a Christmas movie in the original language.

It’s time for miracle!

Secret Santa is a New Year’s game where a group of people anonymously exchange gifts. The point of the game is not only in exchanging gifts, but also in exchanging a pre-holiday mood and warmth.

Who gives a gift to whom is determined by chance, everyone pulls out a piece of paper with names. Thus, everyone knows to whom he or she will be giving the gift. No one will be left without a New Year’s surprise! One will never know who the gift is from, as this is a “Secret Santa”.

The magic of the Christmas holidays is a miracle that we can do ourselves.

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