The new Mobile course began in Dnepr

The new Mobile course began in Dnepr

The course is taught by WizardsDev employees, and at the end of the course, the best graduates will get a developer position at our company

On December 2, another Mobile Xamarin course started at our partner DevEducation International IT College in Dnepr. Students will attend in-person classes three times a week and study diligently on their own the rest of the time. There will be a lot of homework; learning will be tough but exciting.

“Mobile development is a very challenging course, very rich in special information and focused on solving practical problems, and also very compressed in time,” explains Mobile Xamarin course supervisor, Team Leader of Mobile Development Department Roman Volovelsky. “That's why, for effective training, you must have basic knowledge in software development and know at least a couple of programming languages.”

The program is structured in such a way that from the very beginning, students examine the most commonly used components of mobile applications and receive hands-on assignments. The training includes practical work on all platforms, so you need to know the basics of C# or Java.

To be considered for an interview for admission to the Mobile course at DevEducation, applicants take a basic test in Android and iOS development. For each operating system, prospective students are asked to answer 10 questions.

For instance, about Android:

Which of the following is not a type of layout for screen markup?

  • a. LinearLayout
  • b. RelativeLayout
  • c. ColumnLayout
  • d. ConstrainLayout

About iOS:

What is used to navigate between View Controllers?

  • a. Master Navigation
  • b. Navigation Controller
  • c. Start Navigation
  • d. Start Controller

The Mobile Xamarin course at DevEducation is designed for two months of active learning and hands-on work, after which everyone who completes the course will be invited to interview for a Mobile developer position with us at WizardsDev. The distinctive feature of the course is that the training begins with an introduction to native development for iOS and Android, and upon completion, students will be able to create modern and high-quality cross-platform applications using Xamarin Native.

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