Senior Full Stack Developer (Node.js+React)


Необхідні навички

— 3+ years experience with React, Typescript, HTML/CSS
— 3+ years experience with NodeJs, NestJs, Express
— experience with Auth0, Stripe, AWS, Webpack, Docker Postgresql
— experienced with Material UI, GraphQL
— English B2+.


— creative and friendly team without hierarchy within
— opportunity to work remotely in the office, it’s up to you
— 18 days of paid vacation per year and 5 days of sick leave
— offer compensation for gym memberships
— compensation for educational platforms and English language classes
— corporate English language courses and speaking club
— coverage for psychotherapy sessions on the platform.


— make platform and landing interfaces
— layout based on designs from figma / by analogy with the existing design, frontend logic
— turn complex product requirements into reality
— solve interesting and challenging problems alongside a great team of engineers
— development of new functionality, support of existing services and integrations.
— connecting ML models to the platform
— A/B testing different scenarios for users
— work with internal and external APIs.

Про проєкт

🔥 Artificial intelligence project is an innovative platform for developing intelligent dialogue systems. We are shaping the future of communication by combining cutting-edge technologies with artificial intelligence. We offer an enticing opportunity to join our highly skilled team, where talent and creativity find their expression. is the only solution on the market that enables customer experience executives to achieve 80%+ Customer Support AI automation in 1 hour. x2 MoM growth and a clear product-market fit.

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