Middle Nest.js Розробник


Необхідні навички

— experience with NestJS/ TypeScript/ES6 from 2 years
— experience with WebSocket, Socket.io, Mongoose
— experience in building a microservice architecture
— OBD experience: PostgreSQL / MongoDB / ElasticSearch / Redis
— writing tests
— English B1+.


— creative and friendly team without hierarchy within
— team of professionals & continuous self-improvement
— opportunity to work remotely in the office, it’s up to you
— fully paid sick leave and 18 days paid vacation
— competitive compensation
— career advancement opportunities.


— build new software features from start to finish for our web console and kiosks application
— responsible to elevate the quality of the product by proactively identifying user experience problems before they ship
— implement generic interfaces for configuration and monitoring of devices
— implement Industry best practices in Cloud development
— diagnose, triage, and resolve any defects arising out of the Quality Engineering process.

Про проєкт

A leading “Target Buyer & Go-to-Market Intelligence” SaaS platform to help your sales and marketing teams find accurate and comprehensive information on your target accounts.

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