Необхідні навички

— 2+ years of experience with English texts (copywriting, rewriting)
— 2+ years experience in SEO copywriting
— experience in writing advertising texts / email newsletters / for marketing landing pages
— experience with large volumes of tasks and strict deadlines
— to write unique articles
— с1+ English level.


— creative and friendly team without hierarchy within
— team of professionals & continuous self-improvement
— opportunity to work remotely in the office, it’s up to you
— fully paid sick leave and 18 days paid vacation
— competitive compensation
— career advancement opportunities.


— create SEO and marketing texts (including large volume SEO materials — up to 10-12K characters)
— check materials for uniqueness and other specified parameters
— work with chatgpt-solution to optimize the process of creating texts
— if necessary, quickly switch from one task to another (depending on the priorities set by management).

Про проєкт

We are looking for a Copywriter to create the best SEO materials in the Accounting / FinTech / IT sphere.

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