Computer Vision RND Engineer (Generative AI)


Необхідні навички

— 3+ years of industry experience in computer vision
— Experience with Stable Diffusion (deploying, prompt engineering, finetuning) is a must
— Strong Python skills and experience
— In-depth knowledge of PyTorch, OpenCV, transformers, diffusers
— Knowledge of modern software design patterns, including microservice design
— Experience with fine tuning and adapting techniques like LORA, adapters, and more
— (Desirable) Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the use of Large Language Models (LLMs).


— Creative and friendly team without hierarchy within
— Opportunity to work remotely in the office, it’s up to you
— 18 days of paid vacation per year and 5 days of sick leave
— Offer compensation for gym memberships
— Compensation for educational platforms and English language classes
— Corporate English language courses and speaking club
— Coverage for psychotherapy sessions on the platform.


— Research, deploy and test state-of-the-art Generative AI models and algorithms
— Optimize deep learning models for generative tasks
— Evaluating the performance of existing models and proposing enhancements to address limitations and optimize for specific applications
—Collaborate with software engineers to integrate AI models into production systems
— Support the quality enhancement of training datasets for generative models
— Develop testing protocols to evaluate the performance and robustness of generative models
— Document code, models, and experiments to ensure knowledge sharing and maintainability.

Про проєкт

🔥AI Dating project.

Hi, we’re looking for a Computer Vision RND Engineer for our project — Here’s the gist: a person interacts with an AI girl on various topics, there’s image generation, and soon there will be video 🙂 We’ve gathered a strong team and now we’re looking for a new member who can help us bring all ideas to life and expand into new markets.

Are you with us?

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