React Native developer


Required skills

Qualifications & Skills:

— 3+ years of experience in mobile development
— 2+ years of experience in React Native
— English language proficiency
— Strong expertise in developing applications using TypeScript/React/Redux/Redux-Saga
— Experience with object-oriented software development concepts, design patterns, data structures.
— Experience with visualization libraries (highcharts, d3, etc.).
— Experience with Web Services (REST and SOAP), JSON and XML, MySQL, SQLite and mobile database expertise.
— Familiar with performance tools and optimization techniques.
— Familiar with at least one unit testing framework, such as Jest + end-to-end testing framework, such as Detox / Cypress.
— Experience using, integrating, and optimizing front end build and verification tools (esLint / tsLint / Prettier / Webpack / SASS)
— Experience with cloud solutions based on AWS Stack (Amplify, Appsync, Lambda)
— Work within an Agile software delivery environment

We offer

We offer:

— Compensation for sports activities
— Corporate English
— Stable work in an international company
— Really friendly team
— Fully paid hospital sheets and vacations
— Competitive wages


Key responsibilities:

— Architect, Build, Test, and Deliver advanced mobile applications
— Lead Mobile Product Development writing code with React-Native to deliver iOS and Android experiences
— Utilize financial data visualization libraries (highcharts or alternatives)
— Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new products
— Ensure code follows test-driven development practices, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
— Work on improving application performance and reliability
— Write and maintain a full pyramid of tests

Project description

WizardsDev is part of an international fin-tech holding company headquartered in Tel Aviv. The holding employs more than 2,500 people, offices are located in 40 cities around the world.
We are currently looking for a React Native developer to become part of our R&D department.

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